IGP1 Regulation (650g) Hardwood Dumbbell with 2 Laser Etched Working Dog Images, one on each bell. Please Choose your Working Dog Image from my Image Library list, or email me your club logo. Sorry, no custom photo images  allowed.  Please write your 2 Image choices and additional text in the Custom Text Field. 

IGP1 Regulation Dumbbell w 2 Laser Etched Images

  • Please choose your breed / activity from the list:

    GSD Head / GSD 3 Phases / GSD Track / GSD Obedience / GSD Protection.

    Rot Head / Rot 3 Phases / Rot Track / Rot Obedience / Rot Protection.

    Dobe Head / Dobe 3 Phases / Dobe Track / Dobe Obedience / Dobe Protection.

    Mali Head / Mali 3 Phases / Mali Track / Mali Obedience / Mali Protection.

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